Refrigerated Transport

lavell temperature controlled trucking

Travelling across the country can have its drawbacks when delivering perishables and not using a refrigerated transport. Your shipment is bound to pass through a number of weather conditions and temperature changes that could potentially destroy the most delicate cargoes. Even cargo resilient to those changes can sometimes undergo slight alterations when crossing the intense Arizona heat. Moving over the icy Rocky Mountains then down through the desert, Lavell Transportation’s network of temperature-controlled and refrigerated transport carriers maintain a constant environment for your goods.

Simply sending your shipment via a temperature-controlled or refrigerated transport truck doesn’t guarantee the arrival of your sensitive freight. Lavell Transportation qualifies every carrier before adding them to our trusted carrier database. Our network of carriers ensures you the attention and integrity you pay for.

Traveling and caring for temperature sensitive cargo requires hands on experience and an understanding of the refrigeration unit, especially under extreme conditions. You need the best carriers who take responsibility by checking and maintaining the systems, which keep your sensitive cargo as secure as when it was loaded. You can’t afford to use a company with limited options, and Lavell Transportation offers a wide variety of Refrigerated Transport solutions. Full load or LTL, we’ll locate the carriers and consolidate your shipment if needed, to give you the best possible services and savings.