Less Than Load

lavell less than load

A Less Than Load (LTL), or a load that does not fill a container or truck, are usually too large to be shipped by your traditional daily carriers. If your shipment fits this category, then you might find the pricing structures of some carriers increase because you can’t fill the container. The pricing can also fluctuate considerably because of the distance and location of pick up, the amount of space available or need to fill, or like a commodity, what the demand is for the available space.

We understand these issues and offer a number of options to deliver the best possible service and price. Lavell Transportation has a list of preferred carriers that get the job of delivering your freight safely and in a timely manner. When contacting our carrier specialists, be sure to ask about the LTL options before opting for a full load when you don’t need one.

We save you time and money by researching carrier routes nearest your location, and then assigning the right mode to meet your transportation needs. Let Lavell Transportation worry about confusing classifications and pricing structures, and present you with a well-coordinated and cost effective plan to consolidate your dry van, temperature controlled, or flatbed Less Than Load.