lavell flatbed trucking

Flatbed trucks are usually used for transporting over-dimensional cargoes. In the United States, these types of loads are greater than 8 feet 6 inches wide. Some flatbed trucks are articulated opposed to rigid. An articulated truck has a pivoting joint in the bed permitting the driver to make sharper turns.

The cargo type and conditions of the road dictate the use of pilot vehicles or escorts for the shipment. The Department of Transportation (DOT) usually requires escorts when the shipment is greater than 12 feet in width, and if there is road construction or detours in route.

The main reason of having an open bed is to allow for easier access when loading or unloading freight. This mode is usually used for a number of specific cargoes such as the transport of heavy durable loads resistant to weather, or as mentioned, wider loads that require space outside the closed walls of a standard van.

Some of the specialty flatbed models are a step-deck, drop-deck, or lowboy, perfect for hauling very heavy machinery or equipment such as cranes, bulldozers, and oversized containers. Drop-deck flatbeds have multiple level load floors, and can support a single or double drop trailer with a raised deck over the front and/or rear axels. For specialty loads, Lavell has the exact equipment to meet your requirements.

If you’re looking for simplicity and worry free scheduling of a basic flatbed truck, or in need of a double drop, maxis, RGNs, step deck, over dimensional or over weight, Lavell Transportation organizes your equipment needs for fast and efficient service.