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As a premier logistics provider and brokerage company, Lavell Transportation offers a wide range of freight and logistics solutions. Our affiliations with truck and rail carriers provide additional equipment options for our clients at a cost effective value. That value translates into greater savings on your company’s shipping costs, which in turn either increases profit margin, or a more competitive price for your product line.

The Lavell Transportation Benefit

Lavell maintains efficiency to benefit your business, and we begin with your transportation needs. Our specialty experts deliver a cost effective mode by combining freight transportation and budget, thus resulting in an exceptional customer value. As freight brokers and logistics management consultants, we work hard to meet your expectations, and deliver a complete logistics strategy customized for you.

Companies Are Choosing Lavell

Read through our website and see why companies around the country are choosing Lavell Transportation to entrust their cargo. Whether Over The Road, Intermodal, Specialty carriers, or simply need a lift to the nearest hub for Ocean or Air transport, request a quote and compare. We guarantee exceptional service, integrity, representation, and follow all Government Safety Regulations.

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